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Surrey Cattery Directory
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Surrey Cattery Directory

Previously the best place for cat owners to find a local boarding cattery in Surrey, the Surrey Cattery Directory has now been merged into the British Cattery Directory. At the start of 2017, we launched the new British Cattery Directory, which provides listings of local boarding catteries across the UK, and not only Surrey. If you came here to find a boarding cattery in Surrey, simply visit the new directory at

We created the original regional cattery directories, including the Surrey Cattery Directory, to provide a simple resource for cat owners. We knew they were useful but we didn't expect them to be as successful as they proved to be. Realising cat owners found the websites useful, we decided to expand the service by creating a single cattery directory - the British Cattery Directory - to cover all of mainland Britain. For many cat owners, the new directory will make finding a local cattery easier, particularly for cat owners living in places such as the borders of Surrey, allowing them to search for catteries in both Surrey and neighbouring counties, as well as by Postcode area or town name.

As was the case with the Surrey Directory, catteries are displayed in a directory-style format. Clicking on any of the catteries displayed will then take you to a page containing a description of the cattery, any available contact details plus their postal address and a Google map showing where the cattery is located. Everything you need, basically.

This domain is now available for sale and several other premium domain names we own are available for purchase after June 2017

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